Betty Cherotich - Gambling Content Expert With A Knack For Accuracy

User Betty Cherotich
Personal Information
18th Feb 1991
Bachelor’s Degree in Economics
Chief Editor of CasinoWis, Slots Expert, Gambling Writer
Favorite Thought
“The casino is undeniably among the best spots to break up with your fears and become a real risk-taker. But as any economist would tell you, only risk(stake) what you’re willing to lose."

I Hated Gambling

Growing up, our evenings at home were marked with non-stop gambling arguments. My aunties and uncles would rumble about card games endlessly. Grandma would give them a side-eye every time they were out of line—facts and gameplay-wise. Grandma knew enough about games of skill but preferred games of chance like Bingo. She said life was a game of chance and a bit of skill (I am yet to prove it), and she always went for the largest share.

Our family gatherings were marked with poker games. People’d place bets on anything. Not excluding how long our chilled uncle would take to stare at his phone screen (spinning the reels). For some reason, he hid his gambling from everyone; but we all knew. All this while, I was seated somewhere in the corner reading a book and silently loathing them for being so involved in something I thought was abstract. I felt left out.

And Then I Caved In

I was the silent type - the observant one. Details intrigued me. And with the competitive nature in me and the environmental influence, I started picking up details. Before long, I was scouring the internet, learning everything about gambling, so I could also fit in and have something to say on the table.

And Here I Am Now - The Gambling Expert You Can Trust

It doesn’t matter if you just want to master a game, find the best online casino near you, explore the best bonuses in the industry, or simply compare the different offers. You’ll have all that information delivered to you in an easy-to-read and interesting manner.

Betty’s Secrets To The Best Gaming Experience

Even though the house always wins, you can improve your gaming experience by following these few tips:

  1. Only play at licensed gaming sites

  2. Always read the terms and conditions

  3. Choose quality bonuses over quantity

  4. Stop playing when the fun ends-gamble responsibly

  5. Always put your gaming needs first- there’s no one-size-fit-all for everyone

More About Betty Cherotich

What exactly do I do at CasinoWis? And where did my economics go to? Well, I still use some of the knowledge in research and analysis. But most of it is tucked in neatly somewhere in my head. Anyone in the online gambling industry will tell you this: the gaming market is filled with safe and legit sites. But it also has scam sites in equal measure. To avoid falling prey to these sites, you’d need to visit every gaming site to evaluate its products and services to rule out any chances of foul play.

This is no easy feat, considering your money and personal information are on the line. And this is where I come in.  As a professional gambling expert and writer, I play the games, sign up at online casinos and sportsbooks, and launch gaming sites on my phone, so you won’t have to. I am thorough and objective in my analysis of the products and services on my hands to ensure you have all the accurate information you need to make a sound decision.

What Do I Look At While Evaluating Sites And Games?

  • Games and software providers- quantity, RTPs, fairness

  • Licenses, external audits, Site’s transparency

  • Bonuses- amount, terms, validity

  • Customer Support quality

  • Payment Methods- convenience, speed, variety

  • Safety, Security, and Player protection

  • Associated brands, customer feedback, and site navigation, etc.