Free Spins No Deposit Offers At Australian Casinos

One of the things that make online casino gaming very interesting is the availability of numerous bonuses. Even though the brick-and-mortar venues offer some benefits, they cannot be compared to what online casinos offer. Even the smallest of all online casino sites offer some form of bonus or the other.

The biggest online casinos, however, offer some very exciting bonuses. One of such bonuses is the free spins no deposit offer. As the name suggests, it is a type of casino bonus in which free spins are given to players with no deposit required. There are different ways you could get the offer. They could come as at once or as free daily spins. In whatever way they come, you get the chance to spin the reels of pokies for real money and win cash prizes. On this page, we have provided a detailed guide on no deposit free spins bonuses. You will discover the types of offers available and how they work, how to claim them, and the free spins pokies available for you to play.

Top Casinos With Free Spins In Australia 2022

There are many top rated casinos in Australia and this means there are huge bonuses to claim. These casino sites offer a large variety of bonuses, including no deposit free spins. We have examined all the biggest online casino platforms in Australia and have come out with the list of the best top casinos with free spins.

Welcome Bonus Up To $10000
T&Cs; Apply
1 user ratings
150% Welcome Bonus Up To $400
T&Cs; Apply
3 user ratings
100% Welcome Bonus Up To $5000
T&Cs; Apply
9 user ratings
200% Welcome Bonus Up To $400
T&Cs; Apply
7 user ratings

Best No Deposit Free Spins Offers In Australia

Getting a free spins bonus offer from a top casino does not mean the bonus is the best. Some smaller sites may even provide better offers. What determines how good a casino free spins offer is are the terms and conditions attached. You will learn more about these terms further down this article. If you’re looking for the best free spins bonus to claim, you can find it on our site. Our experts have considered all the necessary factors and have identified the best free spins no deposit offers available to Australian players. You can find them in the table below.

How Do Free Spins Work?

A free spins bonus is an incentive that allows you to spin the reels of slot machines without wagering from your own money. In essence, you do not risk losing money in the game. But if you win, you get to keep the winnings. The winnings can be added to your real or bonus balance, depending on the gambling site you’re playing at.

Each round of free spins already comes with a wagering value. That is, each spin has a fixed bet amount. You cannot increase or decrease the amount. For instance, if a casino sets their free spins value at $0.03, every spin you make is valued at that amount. You will also receive a payout based on the bet value of the spin.

Free spins can be given as no deposit bonuses, welcome deposit bonuses, reloads, or VIP packages. But in this guide, we’re focusing on the no deposit types. While others require deposits or an action of some sort, the no deposit types are free spins for registration.

Explore The Range Of Casino Games Available

One of the things you must know about free spins bonuses is that there are always limits to how you can use them. Most casinos would not allow you to use the bonus on just any game. There are usually selected games for the bonus. So, it’s important that you always check out the terms for the number of games available. Sometimes, it could just be only one game. And other times it could be up to hundreds of games.

  • Many times when you have large free spins bonuses which are split into daily free spins, there’s usually a selected slot for each day. For example, let’s assume you get a 200 free spins bonus. The bonus may be designed to last for 10 days after claiming it. On each of the ten days, you could be given 20 free spins to use on a pokie, different games for each day.

So, if you’re a slot player who is particular about the types of pokies you play, you might want to explore the range of games eligible for the bonus. You can also take your time to find out more about the games. For example, you could search for the RTP or volatility details or tips on how to get the most of the slot. While this may not guarantee that you win from the bonus, it makes sure you enjoy your gaming time, which should be the main aim.

Test Out The Platform Before Making Their Deposit

One of the biggest benefits of no deposit free spins is the opportunity to play on a platform before you make any financial commitment. If the range of games eligible is much, then you can get to test properly. You’ll discover how fast the casino site loads and how smooth the gameplay on the site is.

It also helps you to check out other areas of the casino. For example, if you face some challenges on the site during your free play, you could chat with the customer service representative to ask questions. If the issue is resolved, the experience will teach you how to handle the same issue if it arises again during your time at the casino. And if the issue was not solved, it allows you to decide whether or not to continue on the casino. After all checks and you feel pleased with the casino services, you can continue to play on the site.

Bonus Calculator

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Have Fun And Play Spins Games For Free

You catch fun as you get to spin the reels of exciting pokies for completely free. The casino has taken care of the wagering amount, you need. If you’re lucky enough to get exciting eligible games, then you’ll enjoy watching the bonus features of the games play out. The bonus features can also increase your winning potentials and give you huge prizes to walk away with.

Typical Free Spins Offers

While the returns may not come immediately, the casinos will eventually make a profit as long as the players attracted continue to play on the site. Over time, gambling operators expect these players to wager more money on their sites. This way, the casinos will make revenues that will clear the expenses used to offer the free spins and also give them profits.

Furthermore, free spins can be used as a marketing tool for players who haven’t visited the casino in a long time. Some top sites will send such players promotional emails offering them free spins in a bid to get them back to the casino. Online casinos give out their free spins in various forms and quantities. We have identified the most popular forms and explained them in the sections below.

10 Free Spins

While the 10 free spins look so little, with luck on your side, you might be able to land some big wins. You could also land in-game bonus spins which gives you the chance to keep spinning for several more rounds. 

  • 10 free spins can also be used as an opportunity to explore the casino well. This is especially if there are many eligible games for the offer.
  • Very few casinos offer less than 10 free spins, except its part of a daily free spins package or VIP promotion
30 Free Spins

One of the most popular AU free spins no deposit offer is the 30 free spins. Many casinos that do not offer extra cash as a signup bonus usually give 30 free spins. It is so popular that you might find the offer in adverts for different casinos. 30 free spins may also be given as part of the VIP package.

  • It could come as a daily free spins bonus, weekly, or even monthly, depending on the casino.
  • Another offer that is so popular on casinos is the 20 free spins offer.
50 Free Spins

Players long for bonuses as much as the 50 free spins offer which might be sometimes rare to get. This does not often come as a no deposit bonus but is more popular in welcome packages, reloads, and even VIP rewards.

  • If you lucky enough to match a high-paying symbol with added multiplier feature, you would walk away with some cool prizes.
  • Even free spins in VIP packages are usually more than one, except you’re in a very low level of the reward structure.
100 Free Spins

Another offer you can easily get at many casinos is the 100 free spins bonus. Unfortunately, you might not find this as a no deposit bonus. Since the no deposit bonuses are given for you to try out the platform, many operators believe that you don’t need up to 100 free spins to try it out.

  • The 100 free spins bonus is more popularly given alongside a deposit match bonus. 
  • Many times, it is usually limited to a pokie or a few selected ones. Whether it comes as a no deposit bonus or not, it still works the same way.
150 Free Spins

You might wonder if it is indeed possible to get 150 free spins as a no deposit bonus. Yes, it is possible but very rare. Just like the 100 free spins, 150 free spins also come often with welcome bonuses. But the 100 free spins is more popular.

  • But spins that are not used on that day cannot be carried over to the next. You can also get free spins in VIP packages.
  • However, you must be at a very high VIP level to get up to 150 rounds.
200 Free Spins

One of the biggest promotions you can ever get at casinos is the 200 free spins on pokies. Sadly, not many casinos give such a large amount of bonus. You’ll most likely not find it as a no deposit bonus. It is more commonly given together with the welcome deposit bonus.

  • Most times when the 200 free spins are given alongside a cash bonus, it is usually not available at once.
  • Casinos would split the total offer into bits and give them free daily spins. When you log in to the casino for each day, you will be able to use the spins.

Getting Free Spins In Australia

No matter the knowledge of free spins that you have, you don’t benefit anything except you know how to get them. That is when you can use them to play and stand the chance of winning real money. Claiming your free spins at AUS casinos is quite easy. It starts with finding a good casino that offers the free spins bonus. This is quite easy for you as we have provided a list of good free spins casino sites in this guide. Simply check out our list and pick a good site.

Choose Free Spins Or Deposit Bonuses

Casino platforms do not force you to claim their bonuses. In most cases, you can choose not to opt-in for the bonus. If you feel the free spins offer is not rewarding enough, you can ignore it and go for the deposit bonus. However, most free spin bonuses are usually good. We often advise players to take them so that they can test the casino before use. However, what ultimately determines whether or not you should choose the free spins bonus is the terms and conditions attached.

Fill Out The Casino Registration Form

After you’re certain you want to take the free spins offered by the casino, you must create a new account. Visit the casino homepage and look for the “Register” or “Signup” button. Clicking on any of those buttons will lead you to a new page or will open a pop-up form. The registration form is usually very simple. You will be required to fill in your private details and contact information. Ensure that you fill everything correctly as you would need to verify the details you submitted.

Confirm Your Account

There are several ways by which you may have to confirm your account. Firstly, you might get an email from the casino for confirmation of your email address. The mail will carry a confirmation link which you will have to click on. Furthermore, if you submitted a phone number with the registration form, you will also have to confirm the phone number. An SMS with a verification code will be sent to you and you will have to submit the code on the casino site.

  • Until recently, you would only have to confirm your email address on many casinos. Only a few used to request SMS verification. However, you have to do more than email and SMS verification these days. You will also have to verify your identity and your residential address. This is why it is important for you to signup using the right details. If your original details do not match what you submitted, you might have issues playing on the casino. Sometimes, identify verification may come before the SMS verification is required
  • To verify your identity and residential address, the casino will require you to submit a valid ID card and a utility bill or similar documents. It usually takes the casinos a few hours to complete the verification. If you are verified, you will then be able to use your free spins bonus and perform other activities at the casino.

If you’ve been playing online casinos in Australia for a long time, you might be wondering why the registration process is being made longer with the need to provide identity proofs. Previously, verification of identity used to be requested before withdrawals could be made.

The new system began with the new policies released by the AUGC, at the same time the advertising rules also changed. As explained by the commission, the rules are not meant to annoy players or make the registration process unnecessarily long. The rules were made to make gambling safer. It will also prevent underage people from gaining access to casino gambling.

Free Spins Bonus With Wagering Requirements

The term “wagering requirement” shouldn’t be new to you if you’ve been using online casino bonuses regularly. But for newbies, it could be a bit confusing. So, what is a wagering requirement? A wagering requirement is the total amount of money a player has to bet before being allowed to withdraw cash. It is usually in multiples of the bonus money given to you. It is also called rollover requirements or playthrough condition by a few casinos.

Generally, when casinos give rewards such as welcome bonuses, these offers come in bonus money and not real cash. In this case, the free spins no wagering requirement usually applies to the bonus money. But since free spins are not cash bonuses, wagering requirements cannot be applied directly.

When you play with free spins on a site, the winnings you make are not paid out to you in withdrawable cash. Instead, you get them in bonus money. Then, you will have to wager the bonus number a number of times before you can withdraw the cash. Imagine that you get a 50 free spins bonus with a wagering requirement of 20x. After using up the 50 free spins, you win $100. The $100 will be in form of bonus money as you can’t withdraw it directly but can only play games with it. The total amount you have to wager before you can access the winnings will be the amount won times the wagering requirement, which is $2000 ($100 x 20).

Can You Avoid Wagering Requirements?

Here’s one of the questions a lot of newbies ask. The simple answer is no. If you want to claim a bonus, then you must be ready to meet the requirement. The requirement might seem much, especially when you win large amounts from the bonus free spins. But if you consider it properly, they could be worth taking.

  • Casino bonuses like free spins boost your bankroll and help you get more playing time.

The only way to avoid wagering requirements is by claiming only wager-free bonuses or free spins no wagering offers. Even though it is rare, online casinos may also feature bonuses without requiring you to meet any wagering requirement. However, it is very unlikely for no deposit free spins or welcome bonuses. The cashback offers are the most likely bonuses to come without wagering requirements. Yet, many cashback offers still have wagering requirements.

What To Do About The Wagering Requirement

Now that you know how unlikely to escape fulfilling a wagering requirement, you might be wondering how to go about it. The best thing to do is look for the best free spins no deposit offers with very few wagering requirements. On many top Australian casinos, the wagering requirement is usually between 30 to 35 times. Many players consider the 35x or lower requirement as decent enough. But you might still be lucky enough to find a wagering requirement as low as 20x, 10x, or even lesser.

On the other hand, you could also get some free casino spins bonuses with unreasonably high rollover conditions. You may never enjoy such offers as it could take so long for you to fulfill the requirement. Another thing you need to consider is the timeframe given to meet the wagering requirement. There’s usually a time frame you have to meet the conditions except on a few occasions. Ensure the timeframe is enough for you to enjoy the bonus.

Free Spins Limits

Online casinos put limits on how you can use the online slots free spins bonuses to ensure they do not lose so much money. The limits also ensure that some players do not exploit the bonuses. Here are some of the popular limits:

Maximum Winnings

To ensure that you do not win much more than they can afford to pay you, gambling operators put a cap on how much you can win. For some sites, your bonus balance will be automatically stopped when you reach that maximum amount. For others, you might be allowed to continue playing and winning. However, you will not be able to withdraw more than that maximum amount. The excess winnings will later be removed from your account.

Bet Value For Spins

As explained in one of the sections above, each free spin comes with a cash value. While using the free spins, you will not be able to increase your bet amount above that value the casino sets. If you increase the bet amount, the casino may begin to deduct bets from your real money account. But if you try to find a trick to wager more than the spin value, you could end up losing your bonus and all the previous winnings from it.

Number And Types Of Eligible Games

As mentioned earlier in this guide, most sites will not allow you to play all games with the free spins bonuses. They could partner with a particular gaming developer to feature a particular game or choose one for themselves. Also, casino sites that do not place a cap on the amount of money you can win will limit the types of games eligible. For example, you might not be able to play jackpot games where you can land huge prizes.

Time Limits

Most times when you’re given free spins for registration, the casino also sets a period you must use the free spins. The free spins expire as soon as the period elapses.

Popular Games With Free Spins

Apart from the online casino operators choosing what games to include in their offers, some pokies cannot be included. This is because online software providers must also permit the use of their products. For some reasons, not all providers allow their games to be used for casino promotions and bonuses. However, many Australian gaming providers do not just permit casinos to use their games, they also partner with gambling operators to offer unique bonuses. In the sections below, we will describe the popular free spins slots.

New Online Casino Games

Even though no deposit free spins are mostly offered to new players, it is also offered at other occasions. One of such times the no deposit free spins are offered again is when new games are released. Gaming providers in partnership with online casino operators offer these free spins bonuses to promote their new games. They will be available for free to all existing players. This type of promotion usually runs for only a short period, enough for all loyal players on the site to try out the new games.

Also, new online games can be included among the eligible games for the no deposit free spins for registration. They can also be featured as the only eligible game. However, these offers will only promote the game to new users on the site. Thus, providers prefer making the offer available to existing players.

Pokie Games With Free Spins No Deposit

If you’ve been playing with casino free spins bonuses, then you must know that there are some particular pokies frequently used in no deposit offers. These slots have become the favourite of many casino players over time. If you’re a newbie and you haven’t heard about those pokies, here are four of the most popular slot games and brief details about them:


Starburst - 96,5% RTPHere’s one of the most popular pokies you’ll find online. Created by Netent, Starburst has 3 rows and 5 reels with 10 fixed paylines. It comes with only one bonus feature which is quite lucrative. The Wilds feature is the bonus available and is activated when the wild symbol is landed. The wilds cover the reels where it appears and awards you with re-spins. You can get more respins if you land more wild symbols during the feature.

 Book of Ra

Book of Ra - 96% RTPThis Egyptian-themed slot was developed by Novomatic. It has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 paylines. The game is usually featured in free spins offers even though it still has an in-game free spins feature. You can get up to 10 free spins when you land up to three scatter symbols. You can also get an expanding symbol feature which further boosts your chances of winning.

 Book of Dead

Book of Dead - 97,1% RTPThis is a game created by Play’N Go, one of the most popular pokie providers. It is quite similar to Book of Ra but has a few additions. It also offers 10 free spins in the in-game feature. More interesting is that there are added multipliers that can potentially make your winnings huge.


Gonzo’s Quest - 95,9% RTPHere’s another very popular slot developed by Netent. It comes with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. The Avalanche Reels is the most exciting feature in this slot as it gives you up to a 5x multiplier. You also get an in-game free spins bonus when you land a free fall scatter on the first, second, and third reels. During these free spins, you can get up to a 15x multiplier. Up to 10 additional free spins can be gotten if you land more scatters on the reels.

Reasons To Play At Free Daily Spins In Australia

If you’ve not been using free spins bonuses, you might still be wondering if they’re worth claiming. The truth is, there are many benefits you enjoy from playing at free daily spins casino sites, especially one that has a large number of eligible games.

Here are some reasons we think you should try out no deposit free spins bonuses:

They Are Easy To Claim

No deposit free spins are not other casino bonuses where you have to meet one criterion or the other. All you need to get your free spins is registration and verification of your details. The bonus claiming process is usually stress-free and usually fast

Gives You Enough To Test The Platform

If you’ve been reading from the beginning of this guide, then you must know this already. Free spins are a great way to test the slots and see how they work on the site. You can also use them to see how well the site works on PC as well as mobile

Free Spins Are Available At Many Casinos

As stated previously, free spins are a marketing tool that casino operators use to attract new users. For this reason, many casinos feature free spins offers, giving players a wide range of free spins casino to play at

No Financial Commitment, No Risk

if you ever find a no free spins offer at any time, it means the casino does not require you to fund your account to start playing. Just register and follow the instructions given to claim the bonus. It also means that you do not risk any money. If you win, you get to keep your winnings. If you lose, you can just proceed to make your deposit and keep playing games

Opportunity To Win Real Money

Similar to other casino bonuses, you can win real cash when you land matching symbols in your free spins pokies. However, you need to check the terms of conditions of the bonus to avoid unpleasant surprises

Wagering Requirements Not So Tough

The wagering requirements for free spins bonuses are slightly milder than the ones for welcome cash bonuses. The wagering requirement for free spins only applies to the winnings you make. On the other hand, the wagering requirement for a cash bonus applies to the cash amount

For instance, when you get a $50 bonus cash and the wagering requirement is 30x. You will have to wager $1500 before you can use the winnings, regardless of how much you win. Some casinos may even make the requirement apply to the bonus and also the initial deposit. So, if you deposited $50 to get the $50 in a 100% bonus, you will have to wager a total of $3000. The condition for free spins bonuses is not as heavy as cash bonuses.

Mobile Casino Free Spins

Gone are the days when casino gaming used to be limited to physical buildings. Today, you can carry your casino along with you anywhere you go. You can play anytime and anywhere, it doesn’t matter whether you’re waiting in an office or a public vehicle. This is possible through mobile casino gaming.

And if you’re wondering if the use of mobile devices to play affects bonuses, the answer is no. Bonuses such as free spins can be used on mobile. The more interesting part is that some casinos even offer special bonuses to you when you’re playing on their mobile sites. Check out our list to see a good mobile free spins casino right away. Below, we have described how mobile free spins work on the iOS and Android platforms.

For iOS

The iOS is the second most popular operating system by which mobile devices operate in today’s world. Thus, casino platforms make sure that their sites can work on iOS devices. All you need is a good mobile browser and an internet connection, then you will be able to visit your chosen casino on your iPhone and iPad. You will also be able to use all your free spins bonuses without additional limits. The conditions do not change when you’re playing on iOS. Some platforms offer downloadable apps which can help you use casino free spins easily. All you need to do is log in every day and you’ll be able to use your free spins daily.

For Android

Just like the iOS platform, the terms and conditions remain the same when playing free spins slots on Android devices. Since the Android system is much more popular than iOS, there are even many more free spins casino sites to use on Android. You can choose a good Android online casino from our list right away and start to play with a free spins bonus. If you haven’t signed up on that casino before, it will only take you a few minutes to do so. Only the verification of your identity might take much longer. Once you have your account on the site, proceed to play with your free spins no deposit and win real money. You have two options when playing on an Android free spins casino. You can either play on a browser or download the app. Both options are good but you should choose one that suits your taste.

How To Choose A Casino With Free Spins

Now that you’ve made up your mind to play with a no deposit free spins bonus, the next step is choosing a good platform to play at. Since your main purpose of choosing the casino is the free spins offer, the first thing is to look for sites that feature the bonus. Then, check out the factors described below to see what more is important.

Steps To Pick A Casino With Free Spins

  1. Safe And Secure Casino

    The safety and security of a casino is the most important factor you must consider before signing up. Every reputable casino must put in place security methods to protect their players. Here is how to know a safe and secure site.To choose a secure gambling site, the first thing you should check is the way users’ data are stored. Many top casinos store their customers’ info on secure servers through the use of SSL encryption. So, you must check if the casino uses this technology as your data is not safe without it.

  2. Requirements And Conditions Of The Share Bid

    If you’re choosing to play at a free spins casino, then you must read the terms and conditions. To avoid unpleasant surprises, read the fine prints and know what requirements you have to meet. We have already explained some of these requirements in this guide. But here is a summary of everything to look out for wagering requirements, maximum winnings, eligible games, bet value of spins, wagering contribution of games.

  3. Wide Range Of Games

    Apart from the free spins slot included in the no deposit promotion, you will still have to play more games after it ends. Generally, pokies are the largest category of games available at casinos. But there should still be a good variety of other games such as cards, dice games, wheel games, table games, and live dealers. Some top casinos may even offer scratchcards, bingo, keno, and lottery games.

  4. Different Payment Methods

    Payments must be fast, easy, and safe on every good casino site. A good casino should ensure that there are enough payment methods on their sites. When a casino has enough payment methods, the players can get to choose the most convenient method to pay and receive funds. Until recently, AU casino sites used to accept payments with credit cards. The AUGC stopped the use in 2020 when it noticed that players were beginning to get into unnecessary debt for playing with credit cards on casinos.


  5. Customer Support

    Except you’re a newbie in online casino gaming, you shouldn’t have challenges using any casino site, except on rare occasions. Regardless, a casino must have a proper support system. Sometimes, there could be glitches on the website that only the casino team can rectify. There should be contact methods and a help centre for players to use.  If a casino does not have any of this, it could be a sign that you may find it difficult to use the site.


Difference Between Free Spins And Extra Spins

Recently, many punters began to find themselves confused about what free spins and extra spins are. If you’ve not been following the happenings in the Australian gambling market, then you might fall into this category. However, nothing is confusing there. Both terms essentially mean the same thing.

  • Due to new policies released by the National Gambling Commission on advertisements of free bets and bonuses, many casino sites changed the term free spins into “Extra Spins”. Some platforms even began to use the term “bonus spins”. Whether they’re called bonus spins or extra spins, they refer to the same thing as free spins.
  • The advertisement policies are not the only things that got changed by the AUGC. Other areas like the registration process and use of credit cards were also changed recently. The AUGC has made it clear that the change in policies was not made to making gambling online harder, but to make the industry safer for gamers.
  • Nevertheless, other countries in Europe and many parts of the world still uses the term “free spins”. Casinos in these areas function with the MGA or other licenses. So, if you ever find yourself playing in other jurisdictions, don’t be confused about the terms used. However, some players still can get confused, especially newbies. It could be difficult for them to understand the difference between casino-free spins and in-game free spins.

Casino free spins are different from in-game free spins even though they are generally called the same thing: free spins, extra spins, or bonus spins. While the former is a type of bonus given to you by the platform you’re playing, the latter is a feature built into the game by the developer.

  • In-game free spins are features you can unlock if you’re lucky enough to combine the bonus symbols. They work just like the casino free spins. You can get to spin the game a couple of times without wagering your own money. However, they are not given or controlled by the casino. The bonus terms and conditions of the casino also do not apply directly to them, except in cases you get the in-game features when using the casino free spins to play.

The in-game bonus spins take the wagering value of the present round of the game while the one from the casino takes the value set by the platform. For example, if you wagered $0.10 on a spin and get ten in-game free spins bonus, each of the ten spins will be at a value of $0.10. Casino free spins and in-game free spins are not in any way connected, except for the fact that you use them on pokies. You don’t have to play with the casino free spins before getting the in-game feature. They can come while wagering from your money.

Why Do Casinos Give Free Spins?

You might be wondering how online casinos just allow users to games for free and win real money. Well, it doesn’t work that way. Online casinos, as you know, are business organizations out to make profits. Free spins, just like any other casino bonus, are used as marketing tools. They make use of free spins offer to attract new players to their site. These new users do not begin to play with their own money but the casinos still expect something in return from them.

Another use of free spins is retaining and appreciating loyal players. It works the same way as other business models give their customers incentives to make them feel rewarded for patronizing them. When players feel appreciated on a site, they feel no need to migrate to other platforms. In addition to the free spins offer given to loyal players, casinos also give cash bonuses, cashback offers, and dedicated VIP services. The daily free spins pattern is the most exciting way players love to enjoy the offer. Imagine, signing in to your casino every day and getting free spins to start with slots. This gives a boost to your wagering balance and also more opportunities to win cash prizes.

Legality And Safety

Is it legal and safe to use free spins on casino sites? Absolutely! There’s nothing unsafe about playing at a no deposit free spins casino. As mentioned earlier in this guide, the gambling commission has laid out strict rules and terms for operators to offer casino bonuses. This means you’re safe when playing on Australian casinos.

The legality is another reason you must ensure your free spins pokies site is licensed by the AUGC. Any website without a AUGC license can only operate illegally in Australia. Thus, users playing on the site are not protected by the policies of the gambling commission. Such sites can easily defraud players.

Customer Support

Free spins casinos make use of a variety of methods to offer customer support. These include the FAQ or help section and contact methods. Top casinos invest in their FAQ section properly as it is very important, especially for newbies. The FAQ section should contain all the casual questions such as how to deposit or withdraw, bonus requirements, or how to play on the casino with mobile devices. Players should be able to get answers to such questions without having to contact the support team.

But if the players still need to contact the casino team, it should also be easy and convenient. The live chat feature needs to be available all the time. The support team must also respond at a fast pace 24/7. Another fast contact method usually available is the telephone method. Some Australian casinos feature toll-free numbers for players in the country. However, it is not common to find the telephone method on casino sites. The three most common methods are live chat, email, and FAQ. Some casinos also offer other methods such as messaging via WhatsApp or Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Without any doubts, casino free spins are a good way to enjoy more gaming time and boost your wagering balance. If you’re lucky to be offered a free spins slot with good RTP and volatility, you might make a lot of decent wins with your bonus. However, never get too excited about the potential winnings and forget the terms and conditions of the bonus. Also, make sure you only play on a casino that uses the AUGC license. Whenever you’re ready to start playing with free spins,  check out our list of best casinos and signup on your favourite one.

Questions and Answers

What Are Free Spins?

Free spins are extra rounds or bonus plays given to customers to play more rounds on pokie games. When you play with casino free spins, you are playing for cash but not wagering with your own money. The free spins come with a wagering value set by the casino.

Can I Use My Free Spins On Mobile?

Yes, free spins can be used on any device as long as the pokie games work on that device. Modern pokie games are designed with HTML5 which makes them work smoothly on mobile devices, whether Android or iPhone. Thus, you use your free spins with your smartphones and tablets.

How Do I Get Started With Free Spins No Deposit Offers?

After claiming the offer, proceed to the selection of eligible games and pick one that you like to play. Launch the game and play like you would do with real money.

How To Claim Free Spins And No Deposit Bonuses?

You start by identifying a website that offers free spins no deposit offers. There are so many such casinos on our list, you can select one of them.

After choosing a casino, visit the site and check out the casino bonus terms and conditions. If the terms are convenient for you, proceed to create a new account on the site. Then you must verify your account by uploading the necessary documents.

Once your account is verified, your free spins no deposit bonus will be available for you to claim. Depending on your casino, you may get the bonus instantly or you may have to take extra steps. You might also need to opt-in for the bonus while signing up.

What Are In-Game Free Spins?

In-game free spins are bonus rounds you get in the game when a special symbol is matched on the reels. When you spin, the previous amount of bet you made will apply to the extra round. You can also win money and land more in-game features during some pokies free spins.

Can You Win Money On Free Spins?

Yes, whether in-game free spins or casino free spins, you can win real money. This is because playing with free spins is different from playing demo slots. When you play demo slots, you don’t wager real money. But playing with free spins is like wagering from extra cash given to you by the casino or the game. Thus, when you win a spin, your casino balance will be credited with your payout.

Published on 19 May 2021 by Author Free SpinsBetty Cherotich