How To Win Playing Pokies

One rookie mistake you can avoid is playing online pokies without understanding the rules of gameplay. Players should also remember that online pokies are games of chance. Explore the questions and answers in the table below to understand some of the well-kept secrets of playing pokies.

Is there a strategy to claim the jackpot? As mentioned above, pokies are games of chance. Therefore, no one can correctly predict the outcome of pokies. The outcome of every pokie game is determined by RNG technology. Winning combinations will randomly land on the reels during gameplay.
Can players predict pokie wins? Gamers cannot predict the outcome of pokies. RNG technology determines the outcomes of these titles. The outcome of each game is independent of past results since game outcomes are random.
What are hot and cold pokies? You will encounter random winning or losing streaks during a pokie game. Nonetheless, winning streaks or losing streaks don't make a pokie hot or cold.
Which is the best time to play online pokies? You can play your favourite pokies at any time. Unlike games like bingo, the number of opponents won't affect how much you can win or your probability of winning.

While you cannot control how fast the winning combinations appear, sound games have a feature like free spins no deposit required keep your winnings that allows their gameplay to be sped up, and this increases the winning combinations that can appear during a given session.

Understanding Pokies Odds And Terminologies

You will come across fixed odds when playing online casino mobile pokies. You can play them in any way while implementing various strategies and your chances of winning will still remain the same. Study the table below to get appointed with pokie odds and terminologies. 

Payout Percentage

The payout percentage is also known as a return to player percentage (RTP%) and it is always expressed as a number representing the games a pokie machine will return as winnings during its lifetime.

The payout percentage doesn't offer a representation of a player's probability of winning in the short term.

For instance, a pokie that has an RTP of 97% doesn't payout $97 if you wager $100.

Payout Structure

Each pokie has its payout structure. Always get acquainted with the payout structure before playing pokies for real money rewards.

Remember that your chances of landing a winning combination will depend on the number of available icons, paylines, and reels.

Pokie Volatility

Pokie volatility is a term that expresses the riskiness of different types of online slots.

Low volatility slots are online pokies that do not have frequent payouts.

High volatility slots are online pokies that have frequent payouts.

A Look At The Top 5 Pokie Wins Ever

Are you looking for some inspiration to play pokies on leading online casinos in Australia? Here are some of some of the biggest pokie wins that might inspire you to also beat the house.

  1. An anonymous Australian player walked away with over $10 million while playing Microgaming's Dark Knight in 2016. The venue was Spin Palace Casino. 
  2. Georgios M --a Greek national--claimed $8.6 million in 2009 while enjoying an online slot from Microgaming. The venue was River Belle Online Casino. 
  3. An anonymous Swedish player walked away with €7.6 million at Unibet Online casino while indulging in Hall of Gods. 
  4. Another anonymous player claimed $8/73 million while playing Hall of Gods. The venue was Betsson Casino. 
  5. A player gaming from his iPad claimed $8.82 million in 2016 while playing at Zodiac Casino.

Playing Pokies At Your Convenience

Most poker players agree that there are things that they wish they could have learned before playing Spin Samurai casino Australian pokies. Among these things are; learning how to play pokies and learning when to stop playing the beautiful game. We bet you already know that time flies when you are enjoying yourself, and the same can happen when you are enjoying pokies on your go-to platform. Consequently, you might overindulge in pokies without even knowing it and this is why you need to know when to walk away from a poker game. 

Another golden rule is never gambling what you cannot afford to lose. Also, don't play when you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. The allure of easy wins shouldn't make you forget that the losses can come easily. With this in mind, never borrow money to bankroll your gambling experience. Veteran players will advise newbies to approach pokies with the mentality that the game is a form of entertainment, not a way to make money.

Quitting while you are ahead will help you avoid unnecessary losses. Also, remember that chasing your losses is the easiest way to lose a lot of money playing pokies 

But here is some great news, all the platforms that we recommend have fastest payout online casino Australia and various tools that players can use to monitor and control their gaming behaviour. You can use these tools to set deposit limits, win or loss limits, gaming session limits, and wager limits. These platforms also help players take reality checks that can help them know whether they should take a break from pokies.

Common Misconceptions About Online Pokies

Online slots are among the most played online casino games. The popularity of online casino Australia no deposit bonus and these games has led to the development of various misconceptions I'll mung players who are interested in understanding online slots. Let us demystify some of these misconceptions as we explore the truth about these popular casino games.

Misconception (Myth)Reality
Players cannot win consecutive jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots allow players to walk away with life-changing prizes. Most players believe that a slot can’t have consecutive jackpots. For this reason, these players avoid these slots thinking that their chances of winning a jackpot on the slot are less because the slot has had a recent jackpot winning.

First, remember that the result of a previous pokie game cannot affect the result of an upcoming or ongoing pokie game. Second, always remember that the RNG technology (random number generators) determines the outcome of every slot game. Therefore, the RNG can payout two or more consecutive jackpots. Now that we have demystified this myth, never back down from playing an online slot because it has a recent jackpot payout.

Your chances of winning increase during tournaments and promotions Many players who are interested in walking away with lots of real money prizes believe that casino bonuses and promotions give players a better chance of winning. Unfortunately, this is not true. The RNG technology determines the outcome of every game, even the ones available during promotions and bonuses.
You are less likely to win when you set a pokie on autoplay You will come across the auto-play feature on numerous online slots. The feature allows players to automate their gameplay or enjoy hands-free winnings. There is a myth doing rounds claiming that players are less likely to claim cash prizes when playing on autoplay. Fortunately, the myth is not true. You can claim regular prizes or even life-changing progressive jackpots when using the AutoPlay feature on various Australian pokies.
Symbols appear equally There are two types of symbols in a pokie game. The low-paying symbols don't have a lot of value and they appear more frequently. On the other hand, high-paying symbols have a lot of value and they appear on the reels less frequently.
You cannot improve your chances of winning slots You will be pleased to learn that any player can increase the chances of walking away with regular prices while playing pokies. There are various tried, tested, and proven strategies such as the ones that we have shared in this post. For instance, you can improve your chances of winning by avoiding games that offer an RTP that is below 96%.

Interesting Pokie Facts in Australia


Over 70% of Australians have participated at one point in their life. 40% of this population are active pokie players. Gone are the days when Australian pokie enthusiasts flocked brick-and-mortar casino floors to enjoy pokes. Nearly all pokie enthusiasts in Australia indulge in their favourite pokies via mobile devices or computers. 

Problem Gambling

Like other online casino games, some of the players who indulge in pokies are problem gamblers. It is estimated that over 600,000 Australians enjoy online pokies every week. A recent study shows that 95,000 pokie players are problem gamblers.

Gaming via Electronic Machines

Some pokies are available via electronic machines. Players should remember that these machines account for over 60% of all gambling expenditures. On average, a player in South Wales loses $3,700 annually while a player in Victoria loses $3,100 over the same period. Players in Queensland lose the least on electronic machines annually with the figure standing at $1,800 in average yearly pokie spendings.

6 Tips That Will Take Your Pokie Gameplay To The Next Level

Best online pokies Australia review are known for their simplicity in gameplay and are popular among players who want to enjoy games that don't require any skills. While you might find this hard to believe, no one has ever successfully applied a strategy on pokies. All you can do is play and wait to see if the random number generator favours you.

Also, remember that each spin is random. Similarly, the result of each spin is independent. Another important fact to remember is that RNG technology has an inbuilt house edge that gives the casino an edge-- explaining why the house always wins. Below are 6 tips that you can use to improve your chances of claiming real money rewards as you enjoy your favourite online pokies.

Play as many demo games as you can It would be best to play as many demo games as you can efore you indulge in real money online pokies. The demo games will provide you with the much-needed familiarity and gaming confidence.
Avoid progressive jackpots if you are after regular payouts Unlike conventional pokies, progressive jackpot pokies don't have regular payouts. you will realise that you have to play a number of rounds before you can claim any winning.
Slow your gameplay Are you wondering why we are telling you to slow your gameplay while some pokies have an auto-play feature that allows players to speed their gameplay? You might not know this, but the faster you play the higher the house edge. So instead of making over 600 spins per hour, you should actually slow your gameplay as this will stop you from burning through your bankroll.
Set a bankroll For those who don't know, a bankroll is the money players should set aside to spend on their preferred casino offerings. Once you set the bankroll, never exceed it.
Become a loyal player Find a casino that meets your tastes, gaming style, and preferences then become a loyal player on the platform. Most if not all online casinos reward loyalty. You might be inducted into the VIP Club if you are a loyal pokies player on a particular platform. And this will help you walk away with lucrative prices and other irresistible offers.
Remember to quit while you're ahead The biggest mistake you can make is trying to replicate your luck. For this reason, withdraw the winnings from the progressive jackpot or other lucrative winnings since you might end up spending everything you won while chasing an elusive big win

Questions and Answers

What Is A Pokie’s Payout Structure?

A pokie payout structure is a payout table that shows players what payouts to expect when they trigger various winning symbols. The pokie payout structure varies from one game to the other since different software developers opt for payout structures that match their offering.

Can Online Casinos Alter The Payout Percentage Of Online Pokies?

Legit, licensed, and regulated platforms do not alter the payout percentage of their pokie offerings as this might make the platforms lose their licences. For this reason, always confirm that you are playing on a licensed platform.

What Is The Secret Of Winning Jackpots?

If you want to win jackpots play jackpot games. It is as easy as that. No, you don't need strategies to walk away with jackpot prizes while playing pokies since RNG determines the outcome of each game. 

Which Online Pokies Have Better Odds?

As earlier mentioned, random number generator technology determines the outcome of every pokie game. Therefore, no pokie game can guarantee better results thanks to its superior odds. 

How Do I Play Pokies Responsibly?

First, get acquainted with the pokie variant you want to play. Now set or create a bankroll. Lastly, follow your bankroll religiously as this will help you to play with what you can afford to lose.

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