Privacy Policy

Here at Casinowis we ensure our data security complies with the stringent measures set by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Go through our privacy policy carefully to find out how we process your personal data in accordance with article 13 of the mentioned regulatory agency.


Anonymized data

Group data collected in such a way that it cannot be linked to a particular website or individual. Therefore, it is processed in a non-identifiable form.


Sourcing, acquiring, or gathering client personal information from several legitimate sources.


Acknowledgment is given by our customers to allow us freely process their personal data.


Micro files that are automatically embedded in your browser and filed in your device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc.) when you visit our site.

Session cookie

Cookies stored in your device for a specific timeframe and are automatically deleted once you exit the website.


A person visiting our website and a potential prospect for our services.

Data controller

An individual or organization that determines the means and objectives of processing customer data.

Double opt-in

Mail subscription which requires an email confirmation upon registration to validate the email address before adding it to our mailing list.

Personal data

Information about an individual which is unique to him/her. This can include name, email address, password or IP address, credit card data and is used to identify the person directly or indirectly.

Data Processing Categories

When you submit our contact us form or agree to receive our newsletter, we collect data on your personal information, user behavior, and device.

Web Analysis Technology Data

We source data using several tools. You can read more about the collection process and use of data from the tool provider’s website. You will also find extra information concerning your rights and privacy tools plus the policies governing your privacy.


Our main purpose in collecting data is to better understand our customers. Other reasons include site optimization and newsletter distribution. We use cookies to track how our customers use our site, improve our website content and tailor our site for our visitors. There are several ways you can manage your cookies via your site browser settings including disabling or deleting cookies and preventing your web browser from storing cookies. What’s more, you have the option of using an opt-out to deactivate cookies but you’ll be unable to access all our website tools.

Data Protection Outside The EU

We afford you a similar level of data protection as with gamers within the European Union. We do not share your data with our affiliates or partners outside of the European Union unless otherwise. We employ secure and reliable external servers using web analysis technology to process data. The data transfer adheres to the Privacy Shield measures and the standard contractual clauses provided by the EU Commission. To get a copy of the standard contractual clauses, contact our customer support team.

Storage Period And Deletion Of Data

Your personal data will be stored in our database only until when it accomplishes our purpose of collecting it including meeting the legal, reporting, and accounting objectives of the EU regulations. This is only possible once we’re given the go-ahead to process your data. If you terminate your consent, revoke a binding contract or we no longer have the legal right to process your data, we will ensure to scrap off your data from our database.

Personal Data Rights

You have the right to access your personal information from our database in alignment with the processing information section under GDPR.


The security of your personal data is our key concern and we have set up robust security measures to ensure your safety. Our website runs on foolproof SSL encryption technology. You can identify this from the https:// code or lock sign in your browser’s address bar. We also use state-of-the-art security to prevent unauthorized or malicious access, processing, or tampering with your data.

Reporting Of Data Incidents

We are constantly working on improving our services to provide you with a memorable experience. Our robust security framework ensures we detect data incidents immediately they occur and inform you, the supervisory authority, and the respective data categories. We adhere to the highest safety standards to keep your data secure.