Responsible Gambling Help

While most punters play casino games for entertainment, a fraction becomes obsessed with striking a fortune. Casinowis is 100% dedicated to providing its players with an exciting, responsible, and secure gaming environment. With an exciting variety of games on offer, you can easily develop a gaming addiction. You want to keep your casino play within limits. We guide you on a series of self-assessment questions to determine if you are an intelligent or compulsive gambler. Plus, we go to great lengths in adopting several measures to control your gambling behavior. Read through our play-safe guides to help you learn more about obsessive gambling.

Are You Obsessed With Playing?

The small details do count. It is pretty easy to become so engrossed in playing online casino games that you fail to recognize when developing a problematic habit. If you answer ‘YES’ to at least 4 of these questions, we recommend seeking help from a gambling specialist.

  • Does online gambling take the most of your day?

  • Do you feel a nagging need to keep playing to win back your losses?

  • Does limiting your gambling money leave you feeling irritated?

  • Do you regularly lie about how much you spend and how often you gamble?

  • Have you argued with your loved one over your gambling habits before?

  • Do you borrow money from your family and friends to bankroll your gambling sessions?

 It will help if you recognize when your gambling is getting out of hand. These questions will help you keep your gambling habits under control.

Do You Set Deposit Limits For Your Gambling Sessions?

Gambling should be fun and stress-free, and achieving this will depend on your self-control. Setting a gambling budget is non-negotiable if you want to stay a responsible gambler. Setting limits on how often you play helps you manage your gambling online. Control your gambling spend by setting 24-hour 7-day, or 30-day restrictions. We will not override your limits.

Do You Take Time-Outs When Gambling?

Like any other form of activity, you need to chill out from gambling once in a while. Take a break and switch from playing your favorite casino game to an unrelated activity like jamming to the latest music. Reality checks help you track your game time and keep your gambling in check. You can set up an alert to notify you when you’ve played for a particular period, either 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Do You Gamble On Credit? 

If you find yourself in a constant need to borrow money from family or friends to finance your gaming, you’re highly likely a compulsive gambler. Setting limits on how much to spend on online gambling is a sure way to manage your cash and avoid getting into debt. Learn to walk away when you exhaust your gaming budget. If you feel the constant urge to keep funding your player’s account to enjoy the thrill of the games or chase potential wins, you need to seek professional guidance.

Responsible Gambling Tools

You are far better off gaming at an online casino than a land-based casino, thanks to practical gambling management features. What’s more, you can set them up quickly and painlessly.

How can we help you? The following responsible gambling tools help to put your gameplay under control:

Deposit Limit

Only gamble the amount you can afford to lose by setting a deposit limit. You’ll be able to curb your excesses by setting a spending limit, whether for a day, week, or month. Once you trigger the deposit limit, it is our responsibility to ensure your limitations are followed.

Wager Limit

Works like the deposit limit. You will not be able to wager on other games once you spend your wagering funds. Even if you have funds in your player’s account, you’ll have to wait for a specific period to resume online gaming.

Loss Limit

To avoid chasing losses, you can activate this feature to prevent you from digging yourself further into a crisis. A losing streak can fuel your ego into chasing after the elusive win. To manage your expectations, the loss limit will lock your account after you lose a certain amount of funds or several game sessions.


If you suspect your gambling is getting out of hand and want to avoid the temptation of gambling, you can enable the self-exclusion feature to lock you out of your account completely. You can choose to do this for a year or two until you feel ready to gamble again.

To find out if you have a gambling problem, we recommend taking a quick and easy self-assessment test. Visit the GamCare website to learn more about your gambling style. It will only take you a few minutes, plus it’s free. If after the test you discover you have obsessive gambling habits, seek help. There are several expertise organizations you can get in touch with to help you solve the problem. Remember, there’s no shame in asking for help. 

Gambling Problem Solution Organisations

In today's world, gambling addiction (also known as gambling addiction) is a widespread problem. It has been on the list of diseases for several years and is officially recognized by the International Health Protection Organisation. The main peculiarity is that people, irrespective of age, sex, social status, are faced with it. Thanks to the special organizations that help to cope with such problems. See the list and contact if you have some issues:

  • United Kingdom - GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous (Call free - 0808 8020 133)
  • The United States - National Problem Gambling (Call - 1-800-522-4700) 
  • Belgium - Gok Hulp (0800 35 777)
  • Poland - Gamblers Anonymous - Poland (626 - 960-3500)
  • Czech Republic - National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction ( 00420800350000)
  • Hungary - Gamblers Anonymous – Hungarian Community (0036 1 299 4000)