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User Alawode Tolulope Samuel
Personal Information
14th Nov 1991
Law and Legal Studies
Content Creation of CasinoWis, Slots Expert, Gambling Writer
Favorite Thought
“When the fun stops, you stop”


I have always loved the strong feel of adrenaline, and it is only natural that I found myself in this industry. I studied Law in College, and I only ever placed my first sports bet in my Final year. Since then, I became sucked up in the incredibly huge industry and I couldn’t be more pleased today. 

I began my Journey in Casino and Slot games content Writing in 2016. That time, I was responsible for creating contents for Affiliates sites looking to launch Casino platforms in the American and Canadian Markets. This required a deep understanding of the Law and regulatory requirements, especially as it concerns both legal and offshore casinos. I then progressed to writing several more contents for various markets, spread across 4 Continents. 

How Did You Get Into Slot Games

Naturally, I am more of a sports guy. I love football and basketball, and I bet on these sports often. But the more Casino content I created, the more I came across slot games and it was only a matter of time before curiosity bagged my cat and I delved in. I found slot games much more exhilarating than basic sports betting very quickly. I mean, here you are basically the one playing the games and deciding your fate. And of course, there is some sort of mastery that comes with time and experience, and surely more winnings too! So asides from playing slot games, being a writer, I began writing contents around slot games as well and It has been great so far! Can’t stop, won’t stop!

Why Do You Think Your Contents Are Important To Readers? 

Here is the thing. If you are here reading about casino and slot reviews, one thing is most likely certain - you are a player or enthusiast. You are in search of two things majorly - which is the best casino to play, and how to make money from playing. I make it my life’s work to make these two things easy for you. I try to bring information about casino and slot games across to readers in the most easy, and readable format so you can quickly find what you are looking for, and go about your business.  Having written thousands of reviews before, this makes me very experienced in knowing what exactly readers/players are searching for. 

Alright, Enough About Casinos And Slot. Who Do You Do For Fun? 

In my free time, I enjoy watching football, writing code, playing video games, and rewatching episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Besides content writing, l also hope to get into the technical part of slot game development someday. Samuel also enjoys discussions around innovation, marketing, and customer behavior. 

Last Words To Players

The golden advice is what I’d leave you with - Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. One cannot really stress this enough. See, gaming is meant to be fun. When the fun stops, you stop. Goodluck!